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Ole Miss Generation performs at the University of Mississippi and even off-campus at events!

INTERNATIONAL CULTURE NIGHT Ole Miss Generation performs popular K-Pop songs on stage at the Student Union Ballroom as the audience learns more about various cultures from all over the world. Enjoy learning about Ole Miss Generation, the Korean culture, and other cultures, such as Japan, France, etc!

FLASH MOB PERFORMANCE AT STUDENT UNION PLAZA Ole Miss Generation performs in front of the Student Union Plaza and next to the green and shady Grove. Enjoy listening to the catchy K-Pop songs and watching the dance choreography live outdoors!

K-POP NIGHT Ole Miss Generation hosts K-Pop Nights to perform K-Pop songs that they have rigorously learned throughout the semester. Experience "listening" and "watching" K-Pop songs at the same time with Ole Miss Generation!

COLLABORATION WITH KOREAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION (KSA) Ole Miss Generation and the Korean Students Association (KSA) both collaborate to hold a "Dance the Night Away~!" event at the Turner Center on campus! Students and faculty interested can join! No dance experience needed! (Do not have to be a KSA or OMG member)


Can't make it to the performances? Not sure when they perform? No problem!

YOUTUBE Ole Miss Generation has a YouTube channel that allows you to watch their performances over and over again. Feel free to comment and subscribe to them!

INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK Ole Miss Generation has an Instagram and Facebook page. Both social media accounts will inform you of upcoming events and upcoming interest meetings if interested in joining. 

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Kill This Love


(Left) OMG performs Blackpink's "Kill This Love" at the Student Union Ballroom.

(Right) OMG performs EXO-CBX's "Hey Mama!"

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(Left) Members of OMG and KSA and interested students pose for a picture.

(Right) Members of OMG and KSA and interested students dance to TWICE's "The Feels", EXO's "The Eve", TWICE's "I Can't Stop Me", and ENHYPEN's "FEVER" under the dance choreographer and OMG President, Paige Oden. 

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